Everything has a story. So does ‘The Wedd Lounge’. It was fall of 2009 when director Jawad Mir was in a meeting with a couple for their wedding. They had visited offices of Film-Style Weddings to avail video production services. That meeting ended up 2.5 hours where the couple went into super details about their wedding.

The meeting finished and the couple left. The wedding ended up getting rescheduled and Film-Style Weddings weren’t available for the couple’s desired date. However, what remained was that 2.5 hours meeting. That ignited the idea of having an environment where couples can discuss their wedding and proposal stories.

Hence, birth of ‘The Wedd Lounge’ came into play. At that time, a basic idea but an idea that would later enhance. It took 2 years to develop the basic idea into something very concrete and dynamic. Then in 2011, search started for the couple to have in the pilot episode. And after one year of meeting dozens of couples under Film-Style Weddings banner, everything came to halt when Jawad met Nitin & Kiran.

Fast forward 2013, things started moving forward and began the pre-production. Everyone from couple to crew to guests sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. Oct 22nd, 2013 was the production date of first episode which premiere on Jan 23rd, 2014. And the rest history.