Farah + Nadeem – Next Day Edit

Farah and Nadeem were no strangers to us here at Film Style Weddings, as we had worked a few times before with the family, and even had the pleasure of capturing her sister’s wedding. As many times as it has happened to us, it never seems to get old- working with a families such as theirs, relationships are gradually developed that far surpass the professional kind. These families, have a tremendous culture of tradition, support and love and the union between the two, thanks to Farah and Nadeem was heartwarming to behold for all present.

Farah was a delightful fusion between the modern bride, inspired by pinterest and all things crafty, yet there was a strong sense of respect for older traditions and practices that could be seen in many of the finer details as well. She knew exactly what she envisioned, and was extremely efficient in organizing her ideas and ensuring that her partners executed them. Her success in doing so, had a lot to do with being confident at the drawing board, but furthermore, having that confidence in her partners as well. To all brides who are in the planning stage- trusting your partners is key! With Farah as evidence, do your research beforehand and you shall be quite happy with the end result.

Nadeem was the perfect complement to her bubbly attitude. More of a technical sort, he allowed Farah to work with more of the details and prioritized the fulfillment of her wishes. He was a stylish, friendly and very personable groom. Far from uninvolved, his laid- back attitude was an invaluable asset on the day of the ceremony as it rained much more than expected. While their photo shoot was impacted, his good humor allowed all to pull through with a smile and that is exactly the kind of mindset one needs on one of the most important days of their life. Nothing was going to get in the way. If anything did…it was the constant reminder that this was a couple who were going to be happy, organized and always creative for a very VERY long time. Enjoy!

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