Wedding Wear Essentials


by Saira Hayat Khan

With fashion weeks taking place back home, what did we learn from recent trends and styles displayed on the runway? One thing for sure – there are several staples that every girl needs in her closet to survive this wedding season. What you ask? Let’s do a little run through. Class is now in session. ;)

First things first – palazzo pants. A trend from a few seasons ago is clearly here to stay. Coming in every size, width and form, these bottoms are making an assertion as they often come embroidered, elaborated with crystal work or are frequently simple to balance out a heavier top.

Keeping in mind that majority of our cultural wear is pretty difficult to maintain with the heavy embellishments and overbearing beadwork, it’s important to be able to give yourself some form of comfort with footwear. Sandals can often dull an outfit or make your appear more casual. But take those boring darlings and add some crystals or jewels to it, and you have the perfect footwear to dapper up your outfit. Not only are you comfortable the entire night, but you feel uniform as your top matches your bottom. To get your own, make sure to check out brands like House of Harlow, Aldo, Giuseppe Zanotti and Cocobelle.

When pairing your sandals with something, keep in mind that your purse does not always have to be a matching accessory. Knowing this – get courageous with what you clasp on to. Trendy now are oversized, neutral clutches that go well with any ensemble. Bright in colours yet minimalistic in pattern and design, these structure-less bags have are highly efficient with a ton of storage space. Forget function for a second, carrying these will let anyone in the crowd know that you’re of the fashionable type. High end brands like YSL carry these, or visit your local Forever 21 retailers to complete your outfit with these eclectic pieces.

While on the topic of accessories, can we please jump into my most favourite trend of the year or last two years perhaps? STATEMENT NECKLACES! I can always justify my expenses on statement necklaces as they are appropriate for all occasions. Not only do they work extremely well with western wear, but incorporating them into our eastern wardrobe fits nicely as well. You can couple these well with casual looks that you may be trying to spruce up or with an already adorned wear that you just want to take up a notch. My go to store for ideal neckwear has to be Zara. They carry a good variety and are also on the more affordable side.

Finally, when adding the final touches to your look, what should one plan out to complete their entire guise? The first thing that comes to my mind is your makeup. Besides the standard smoky eyes, South Asians love to play up their face with bright lips. There are so many lipstick colours that I am simply dying to wear. My top 3 I’m willing to share if everyone promises to do them justice. And by that I mean, no pairing lively lips with overtly bold eyes. This is a mistake we all tend to make. Heavy eye makeup = subtle lip and vice versa. For this season, I love Heroine in picture 1, Ruby Woo in picture 2 and Please me in Picture 3 – all by mac. I gravitate towards Mac products only because of affordability and the matte lips do wonders for my oily skin!

The list of these additions to your wedding wardrobe will make a positive difference. All items mentioned can be versatile in the sense that they can also be utilized for your everyday wear in the western world. So make sure to tweak your wardrobe minimally by adding token staples that can be worn multiple times! Happy shopping!

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